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L.L.T.L. / Lafayette Ladies Tennis League



The Lafayette Ladies Tennis League brings you the Ladies City League, or Day League, as some call it. This is a league that spans the Fall and Spring and is comprised of teams from Beaver Park, Thomas Park, Oakbourne Country Club, Red Lerille's Health Club, and City Club at River Ranch. The format is 5 courts of women's doubles and is played on weekday mornings.


The league culminates in May with the annual meeting and social. The social is a morning of optional tennis competition (no-ad format), an informal luncheon, awards for the winning teams in each level, and lots of door prizes. It is held, on alternating years, at Oakbourne, Beaver Park, Red Lerille's, and City Club at River Ranch. All league participants are invited.


The governing body of LLTL is responsible for making the rules and schedules for the league.


For the last six years, the LLTL has also sponsored, along with the ACTA, a beginners ladies tennis clinic and beginners team tennis league.


Anyone interested in being involved with the annual meeting and social is welcome and encouraged to do so.


Contact a board member if you would like to serve on the nominating committee for new officers, if you'd like to serve on the Board, or if you would like to be involved with arrangements for the social. 


Contact Jane Sawvel if you'd like to donate a door prize for the event.




Board of Directors:


President:            Donna Stander          (337) 501-1787

Vice Pres:           Sandi Knox               (337) 288-2299

Secretary:            Laura Wiggins          (337) 277-1524 

Treasurer:            Lynda Wirt                (337) 406-5678 

Past Pres:           Jonnie Sonnier          (337) 277-2098

Ladies Beginners Clinic and Team Tennis: April Fontana 981-1207

Club Representatives:

Beaver Park:                              Sharon Fontenot        (337) 945-6518 

City Club at River Ranch:            Jane Peatross            (337) 984-4703 or (337) 739-6520 

Oakbourne:                                Judy Elliot                 (337) 988-0239 or (337) 658-3461 

Thomas Park:                             Becky Bordelon         (337) 981-2355 or (337) 288-7929

Red Lerille's:                       Jean Albarado       (337) 984-5706 or (337) 654-5703


Click on the link below to check out the Lafayette Ladies Tennis League website!